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About Us

Quality Driver Education Inc. is owned and operated by licensed instructors committed to giving students the best Driver Education experience possible. The QDE staff consists of veteran teachers and coaches who understand the time demands of today’s high school students. Therefore, we offer small monthly classes with flexible drive times to best accommodate the busy teen.

Our goal is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and skills to become safe, responsible, and courteous drivers.

Parent / Guardian Responsibility

Quality Driver Education will make every effort to expose your son / daughter to as many situations as possible within an increasingly complex transportation system.


Once your child has enrolled in Driver Education, it is imperative that you model responsible driving as well as allow your child the opportunity to further hone their skills through practice and your patient guidance. In the event you are unable to provide your child with adequate practice time, QDE does make additional practice sessions available to purchase.

**Current Indiana State Law requires 50 documented supervised hours (including 10 night driving hours) prior to being eligible to obtain a driver license.

The Driver Education Permit

Current Law: You must be 15 years of age to receive a Driver Education Permit.

Driver Education Permit Restrictions

  • Teen drivers holding a driver education permit are not allowed to drive alone.
  • Once the teen has started their BMV approved driver education program they may drive with a licensed parent, guardian or certified driving instructor that must be seated in the front passenger seat next to the teen driver.
  • After the teen has finished the driver education course the instructor will validate the driver education permit.
  • At this point the permit holder is allowed to practice driving with at licensed parent or guardian as long as they occupy the front passenger seat directly next to the teen driver.
  • If the driver education permit holder does not complete an approved BMV driver education course the driver education permit becomes invalid.

Why We Teach Shuffle Steering

We teach the shuffle steering method at Quality Driver Education. Watch below for a video explanation of the benefits of using a shuffle steering method.

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Quality Driver Education is located in Pendleton, Indiana and provides state-approved drivers eduction to the new drivers of Pendleton, Greenfield, Anderson, Fishers, Fortville, and Lapel, as well as other communities in Madison, Hancock, Hamilton, Henry, and Marion county.

If you are looking for drivers education courses and you are a student of Pendleton Heights, Greenfield Central, Shenandoah, Lapel, Eastern Hancock, Hamilton South Eastern, Fishers, Noblesville, Anderson, or Liberty Christian schools, then we are just a short trip away from getting your driving career off to a safe and enjoyable start.

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